Old Time Prims and Vintage Retro Celebrate #LoveWins
June 29th, 2015
As the world knows, by now, LGBT couples have now won the right, in the US, to marry, in any part of the country, and the world is celebrating with us! Here at Old Time Prims, we tend to write news stories as a company, rather than in the first person. However, as the founder […] (more)
The 1920's / Ladies / Shoes
Bessie L$299
April 11th, 2015
From the sweet buttoned strap to the snazzy embroidered toe, every Flapper and Fashionable Girl will simply crave the new Bessie. The mid-height heels at 2.5″ are perfect with a tea gown or perhaps a fringed shorter frock. Beautifully dyed Satin, (more)
The 1940's / Ladies / Hats & Hair
Darlene L$249
May 18th, 2013
Ladies WE CAN DO IT! …And look Fabulous doing it! You will be the darling of his heart with the tresses we like to call “Darlene.” The seductive sweep of the ‘Victory Roll’ so popular in the 1940′s accents your eyes (more)
The 1950's / Ladies / Dresses
Donna L$349
Isn’t it the perfect weather for an afternoon party, or an evening cocktail? Ladies, now you can be dressed for the (more)
The 1930's / Ladies / Dresses
Virginia L$299
Ladies, wouldn’t you love the perfect day dress? A dress that would take you from church to cafe to hairdresser to (more)
Ladies / Skins
Lola L$799
Those lips! Those eyes! Ladies, if you’re wise, you will try our new “Lola” skin on for size. So lovely, (more)
The 1930's / Ladies / Hats & Hair
Marjory L$219
The perfect accompaniment to Virginia is Marjory, a stylish brim hat/hair combo. But, let’s be honest, ladies. This (more)
The 1940's / Ladies / Hats & Hair
Helen L$219
Rarely can a hairstyle demand so much attention, but Helen does just that. This uncannily authentic 1920’s updo allows you (more)
The 1950's / Ladies / Dresses
Mae L$699
Satin shimmers and whispers as you glide across the room. The room settles to a hush. All eyes turn to watch your fox trot (more)
Children / Skins
Jane L$799
“Jane” is a skin for girl child avatars. A healthy glow lights up her face. Subtle shading gives definition to (more)
Children / Skins
Dickie L$799
“Dickie” is a skin for boy child avatars. Just the right amount of color details his facial features in a very (more)